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  • FDIC Insurance

    FDIC Insurance FAQs

    What is FDIC Insurance?
    FDIC stands for "Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation".  FDIC is an independent agency of the federal government.

    What does FDIC insurance protect?
    FDIC insurance protects against the loss of insured deposits. It covers depositors' accounts at each insured bank, dollar-for-dollar, including principal and any accrued interest through the date of the insured bank's closing, up to the insurance limit.

    Who stands behind the FDIC insurance?
    FDIC insurance is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government.

    What are the FDIC insurance limits?  
    Deposits at Middlesex Federal, an FDIC-insured institution, are insured to at least $250,000 per depositor for each account ownership category. Learn more at https://www.fdic.gov/deposit/covered/categories.html.

    What types of deposit accounts does the FDIC insurance cover?
    FDIC insurance covers all types of deposits received at an insured bank, including deposits in a checking account, negotiable order of withdrawal (NOW) account, savings account, money market deposit account (MMDA), time deposit such as a certificate of deposit (CD), or an official item issued by a bank, such as a cashier's check or money order.

    What is not covered by FDIC insurance?
    The FDIC does not insure money invested in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, life insurance policies, annuities or municipal securities, even if these investments are purchased at an insured bank.

    What do I need to do to obtain FDIC insurance?
    Depositors do not need to apply for FDIC insurance. Coverage is automatic whenever a deposit account is opened at an FDIC-insured bank or financial institution. 

    Are trust accounts covered?  
    Yes, FDIC deposit insurance covers trust accounts under two separate ownership categories: Revocable Trust and Irrevocable Trust.   Learn more about how the FDIC covers trust accounts at https://www.fdic.gov/deposit/covered/trust.html.

    How do I know how much FDIC insurance coverage I have?
    Deposits you maintain at another separately chartered and insured bank are insured separately from your deposits at Middlesex Federal. 

    To calculate the FDIC insurance available for your personal and/or business deposits, use the  FDIC's Electronic Deposit Insurance Estimator (EDIE) at https://www.fdic.gov/edie/.
    For additional information relating to FDIC insurance coverage, call the FDIC at 1-877-275-3342, or visit its website at http://www.fdic.gov/.

  • Mobile Check Deposit

    Mobile Check Deposit FAQs
    Snap it, send it, spend it, or use online banking to manage it.

    How do I access Mobile Check Deposit?
    Mobile Check Deposit is available to Middlesex Federal Online Banking Users who download our mobile app. 

    If you already have the mobile app, simply Log In and click on the Mobile Deposit tab to use this feature. To register for Online Banking go to MiddlesexFederal.com. Once you are registered, visit your App store to download the Middlesex Federal mobile app.

    How do I make a deposit?
    Use your smart phone or tablet to Log In to the Middlesex Federal mobile app and click on the Mobile Deposit tab. Snap a picture. Click Make Deposit to deposit your check in your Middlesex Federal account. Spend it, save it, or use online banking to manage it.

    What types of checks can be deposited using Mobile Check Deposit?
    Most domestic checks (personal and business) made payable to you can be deposited. Money orders, cashier’s checks, or traveler’s checks, drawn on or payable at or through a United States bank can also be deposited using Mobile Check Deposit.

    What types of checks cannot be processed through Mobile Check Deposit?
    Third party checks, checks containing alterations to any of the fields, international checks, and checks not payable in United States currency will not be accepted.  Confirmed check deposits are subject to further verification.  Middlesex Federal reserves the right to refuse a deposit  for any reason. If your deposit was not accepted, an email notification will be sent to you within one business day.

    How should I endorse the check?
    Your signature and “For mobile deposit only at MFS.” is all you need to write on the back of the check. If the check is made payable to you and other individuals or entities, signatures from all parties listed on the check must be included.

    Is there a limit to the number of checks or the dollar amount that I can deposit?
    One check per deposit can be made, up to 15 checks per business day, and 100 checks per month. The maximum amount of a single check you can deposit is $2,500. The maximum amount per business day is $5,000. The maximum amount per month is $10,000.

    When can I make a mobile deposit to Middlesex Federal?
    Online Banking, Mobile Banking, and Mobile Check Deposit are available 24/7, including weekends and holidays except during routine maintenance downtime.

    What type of account can I deposit to?
    Middlesex Federal checking, money market, and savings accounts (statement, passbook, and club) accept mobile deposits. A drop down menu will include a list of accounts that are available to you. The total for each check must be deposited into one account. Online and Mobile Banking can be used to transfer funds from one account to another. Online transfers cannot be made from passbook, club, and CD accounts.

    How do I know that my deposit has been received and accepted?
    After you click on Make Deposit, a confirmation message stating that “Your check has been deposited.” will appear.  Confirmed  check  deposits are subject to verification. Middlesex Federal reserves the right to refuse a check deposit for any reason. If your deposit was not accepted, an email notification will be sent to you within one business day. 

    How soon will funds be available?
    Checks deposited by 3 pm on a business day and accepted will generally be available at 8 pm that same day.

    Checks deposited after 3 pm on a business day and accepted will generally be available at 8 pm on the next business day.

    Checks deposited on a non-business day and accepted will generally be available at 8 pm on the next business day.

    If your deposit was not accepted, an email notification will be sent to you within one business day. Business days are Monday through Friday excluding holidays.

    What should I do with the original paper checks after deposits are made?
    Keep the checks in a secure location for at least 14 calendar days. Destroy the checks after you have confirmed that the deposit has been credited to your account.

    Who do I contact if I have questions?
    Call 617-666-4700 to speak to a Customer Service Representative or send us an email.

  • Mobile App

    Where can I download the Official Middlesex Federal Mobile App?
    The App Store and Google Play store are typically the safest place to download mobile apps, and are the only place where the Middlesex Federal mobile app is officially available. 

    Visit your App Store to download the Middlesex Federal mobile app. 

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  • Lost or Stolen Debit/ATM Card

    How do I report a lost or stolen debit/ATM card? 
    Notify us immediately if your card has been lost or stolen. 

    24 Hour Hot Card Service
    Domestic Toll Free:  800-264-5578
    International Collect Call:  412-552-2696

    Online & Mobile Banking Users
    Log In to deactivate, reactivate, or request a new card.

    24 Hour Automated Telephone Banking
    Call 1-888-9-MIDDLE (1-888-964-3353) for account access, rates, or to report a lost or stolen debit/ATM card. 

    For account access, first time users will need to enter the last four digits of their social security number and follow the prompts to choose a PIN.

    Remember to notify any merchants that use your card for scheduled pre-authorized payments.

  • Routing Number

    ABA Routing Number FAQs

    What is Middlesex Federal's ABA routing number?
    Middlesex Federal's ABA routing number, or transit number as it is sometimes called, is 211370150.

    What is the purpose of a routing number?
    Assigned by the American Bankers Association (ABA), a routing number is a unique, nine digit number that identifies a bank in the United States. No two routing numbers are the same.

    Why do I need to know my bank's routing number?
    There are several situations that require you to provide your bank's routing number.  It is required to set up direct deposit of payroll, government benefits, or tax refund.  It is also required to set up transfers between deposit accounts at other financial institutions; as well as person-to-person account transfers.

    Where can I locate Middlesex Federal's routing number?
    Middlesex Federal's routing number is located at the bottom of each page of our website. It is also printed on your checks. It is the first nine-digit number on the bottom left corner of each check.  Your account number is the second set of numbers, followed by the check number.

    Blank Check Showing Location Of Routing Number and Account Number